Stockbit has several guidelines that everyone is expected to follow in order to maintain the integrity and usefulness of the Stockbit platform.

Violation of these rules will result in post deletion and could result in permanent suspension of your Stockbit account and prohibition of creating new accounts.

Quality Ideas

To build a quality and engaging investment community, we really hope that user posted content on Stockbit can focus more on discussions about stocks, capital markets, economics, corporate finance and other related matters. We would like to highlight that Stockbit is not a chat room, but a platform for sharing ideas about the capital market. So, we wish for posts on Stockbit to be in the form of useful information, such as trading ideas or news that could potentially affect the markets, or questions/discussion about a particular stock or industry.

We sincerely hope that Stockbitors can implement the following guidelines when writing posts for the benefit of everyone to get a higher quality stream:

  • Tag a stock with a ”$” tag to make it more useful. $ tags are our idea to make it easier and more useful for users who are doing research on a stock. We want them to get useful information beyond everyday conversation. Information / posts that are not important should not need to be tagged.

  • Writing professionally. Use a standard writing format to maintain the quality and professional

  • Minimizing baseless posts such as expression of feelings of loss/profit/stock price not moving, and hopes and prayers for stock prices to increase/decrease without substantiating them. We urge Stockbitors to provide some basis to their analysis so the rest of the community can discuss together for a more meaningful experience for everyone.

  • Likewise, it is recommended that test posts, greetings, birthday wishes and the like to be done privately.

  • If you have questions regarding a particular stock, please do a quick search on the stock page because it is possible that the information already exists or has been posted by another user previously.

We hope that everyone's goal for sharing ideas is to make profits as well as learning and improving ourselves in the capital markets. The above guidelines will assist in making the experience better for the whole community including ourselves so we can all benefit from using Stockbit together.


All posts from Stockbit users, including those from the admins and moderators, are not recommendations to buy or sell, they are just ideas to read and share for education purposes only. Therefore, you alone are responsible for determining whether the investment or the strategies are suitable for you. By default, every post has a disclaimer. Please read our Terms of Service.


We hope that Stockbitors do not directly promote products and services to other members. The following are activities that we consider spam and are not permitted:

  • Messages containing trade or service promotions, not ideas or valuable information about a stock.

  • Sending replies, mentions or private messages to promote paid services or products.

  • Adding a $ tag in a post that has no relationship to the stock.

  • Posting the same or very similar messages multiple times.

  • Following a large number of users with the aim of asking other members to follow back. Good followers should come from contributions and interactions with the Stockbit community.


We hope that Stockbitors can maintain good ethics so that our community can function harmoniously. The following can be used as a guide:

  • Be honest if you make a mistake. Everyone can be wrong, even the most reliable analysts. What matters is how we deal with our mistakes.

  • Always be humble, even if you are able to do good analyses.

  • Ideas on Stockbit should be treated as encouragement to think and make our own convictions.

  • Don't follow people's recommendations without considering the risks first. Always think about your own styles and strategies.

  • Don’t blame others for making losses. Stockbitors share ideas for the benefit of all and the market can be unpredictable. We have to be responsible for our own decisions in any buying or selling.


We encourage users to use English when communicating on the platform, considering that professionals in the industry often use English as well. However, we understand that Malaysia is a multicultural country so we are open to content being posted in either Bahasa Melayu or Mandarin also.

We do not encourage slang or “bahasa rojak”. For example, the language used should be able to be translated if using a standard dictionary.

As a stock trading and investment community, we are encouraged to be professional in our conduct.

In the future, we hope to launch a translation feature, so we hope that users can write in any language that they are comfortable in and it can be translated automatically by the platform so that our fellow members who are more comfortable with other languages can also participate in the discussions.

Abusive Treatment

Disputes and debates about ideas, stocks and capital markets are very much to be expected at Stockbit. However, verbal abuse or personal attacks on other members are not tolerable. The following behaviors are not permitted:

  • Sending insulting, harassing, derogatory, or threatening messages to other users on Stockbit.

  • Using vulgar language on Stockbit.

  • Posting discriminatory content, such as racial, religious, or ethnic hate content. Stockbit is an inclusive community and we hope everyone can feel safe and participate together here without discrimination or oppression.

  • Posting pornography or lewd content. This includes selecting inappropriate usernames and profile photos.

Abusive treatment is a criminal act. Stockbit is not responsible for the actions of our users and will cooperate fully with the authorities if such actions are brought to their attention.

Manipulation and Spreading Rumors

In discussions about stocks, it is very important for our community not to manipulate facts or disseminate inaccurate information for personal gain. We hope that our members can be more transparent and open about their trading positions taken as part of the discussion. Additionally, the following behavior is not tolerated:

  • Spreading false rumors about certain stocks.

  • Posting very negative or positive messages without substantive information.

  • Creating multiple accounts to duplicate a message about a particular stock.

These rules are made for everyone's benefit. We all have a responsibility to maintain the integrity of our community. If you see a message that violates our rules, we ask for your help to flag the message and the Stockbit moderators will act accordingly.