Stockbit is an investment community in Malaysia built by investors for investors. Stockbit provides a space for investors and traders to share ideas, news and financial information in real-time.

Users can set up a personal account and follow certain stocks or other users (called Stockbitors) to get valuable information and exchange ideas.

Stockbit’s main feature is the "stream", which consists of ideas, discussions, stock charts, links and news being updated in real-time. Stockbit uses the "$" symbol before each stock code as a tag to make it easier for users to find information regarding a certain stock. All posts related to that "$" tagged stock can be viewed in one page.

The Stockbit platform is also integrated with other social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram making it easy to share ideas from Stockbit to these social media platforms.

Stockbit's features are designed to meet the needs and wants of investors and traders so that it can be used as the go-to social media platform for all investing related content.